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Scripting in Java Games

Having a scripting engine can be invaluable to a game developer but developing one is complex quite time consuming. I have seen various scripting language implementations (including Lisp 🙂 ), everybody seems to forget that Java comes with a perfectly good JavaScript engine ( Rhino) that can be embedded into your game with very few lines of code.

ScriptEngineManager scriptEngineManager = new ScriptEngineManager();
ScriptEngine scriptEngine = scriptEngineManager.getEngineByName("JavaScript");
//add any variables that you want accessible from the scripting engine
scriptEngine.put("gameWorld", this);

There are many uses to scripting, often games keep the entity logic in scripts that get called from the game loop. I use the scripting mostly to tweak and tune Box2D related variables without having to go through the edit/compile/restart cycle.

Here is a little example to give you an idea.

boidsIt = gameWorld.boids.iterator();
while(boidsIt.hasNext()) {
boid =;

I added a simple interactive editor/console and here how a dev session for my Astroboids game looks like. And yes, I made some progress with my game, this is an actual screen shot of the game running.

And a side note, there are other scripting engines available (BeanShell, Groovy, etc), but they require additional jars, the JavaScript Rhino engine comes bundled with Java 6.