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Markup text rendering in XNA

Update: New version, fixed some minor issues, add start()/stop() methods to support the video tag.

Now that I submitted my game to Dream.Build.Play 2011 and I’m all done with it I’ll try to post a few things I made while developing said game and may be useful to other XNA developers.

I’ll start with an update to the markup text engine/thingy I did to display the in-game dialog and help screens (I first wrote about in this post, look there for details and a bit of a tutorial on how to use it). Since that post I added a

Here it is in action, scroll down for source and demo project.

And the markup that generated the image above:

Lorem Ipsum

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At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus!

Here is a list of supported tags:

  • sets the font and color. Nested text blocks are supported and will inherit any attributes from the enclosing parent tag.
  • obviously specifies an image and has color and scale attributes.
  • specifies a video and also supports the color and scale attributes.

  • adds a line break.
  • inserts a space.
  • is used for conditional rendering.

Download the source code, drop me a note if you use it in your game.

Note: The code is licensed under MS-PL