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Astralia and the Indie Game Summer Uprising

Update: Astralia did not make the Uprising (did not really had a chance with all the great games), congrats to Chester and Redd and all the other games in the Uprising. Anyway, the demo is still available.

Astralia did not make to the 8 titles that are in the Uprising so far but there’s room for 2 more games and they will be chosen based on fan votes so go to the “IGSU Fan Vote” page and vote for Astralia!

If you want to play the game first I have a demo for you and if you vote for Astralia and say so on the IGSU page I’ll give you the full version of the game for free when it’s ready – yes, it’s a bribe :). I’ll will also save 5 XBox codes to be given to 5 winners picked from the voting fans.