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Astralia – A.R.S.S.E Update 1

Couple more screenshots to show a bit of HUD work – see that ugly minimap…

Also, a lot of invisible work happened, I think the gameplay is now pretty much feature complete, I got all that I had on my “design document” in, there’s some balancing needed with regards to weapons and units armor but it all works, now who’s going to do level design?

EDIT: There aren’t not enough visible changes to warrant a new video, just watch the last one.

A.R.S.S.E – A Real-time Strategy Shooter Experiment

My game used to be called Astroboids, the initial idea involved boids heavily, hence the name. While actually implementing the thing the design has changed. A lot. I kept steering behaviors as part of the game A.I. but the rest had to go – apparently playing a game with herds of boids is not much fun. The name did not make much sense anymore, so this is the new (and maybe temporary) name of my game: A.R.S.S.E A Real-time Strategy Shooter Experiment. I know I know, so many horrible puns, so little time…

To celebrate the name change I also have some game-play footage. The fine music is “slingshot suplex” from tettix.

Also, I noticed that I am pretty bad at playing my own game.